Your midwife in Münster

Since thousands of years ago midwifes are companions of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the time post partum. This is a very special and unforgettable time for every woman and how she is treated and cared for will accompany her throughout life. The care of a professional midwife is of tremendous value and should be accessible to every woman around the world.

During a time of change, wondering and maybe fear I would like to provide you with knowledge, guidance and security.

An individual care, evidence based and empathic is the base of my work.

Together we can establish, what’s the right course for you so that you can experience your pregnancy, birth and post partum time as independent and confident as you wish.

I would like to provide you with information, so that you vocalize your wishes and expectations and be an active part in the process of birthing your child rather than have somebody “deliver” your baby.

If you do not speak German or feel more comfortable with English or Spanish, we can switch to either language.

About me – Luise Janning

I was born in Münster, raised in the area around and came back here in 2016. I certified as a midwife in 2015 and began working at Clinica Esperanza and Loma de Luz Hospital in Honduras. After I came back, I started attending births at St. Franziskus Hospital Münster as a full-time employed midwife. Later I started to provide women with care during pregnancy and post partum.

In March 2020 I started to study “Midwifery” at the University of Applied Science in Bochum to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

During my high school year in Finland and volunteer work in Panama I learned to speak Finnish and Spanish.

Midwives and birth in Germany

First things first: In Germany every birth has to be attended by a midwife, not necessarily by a doctor. A doctor is required by law to consult a midwife for every birth.

Most of the babies in Germany are born at a hospital (97,81% in 2018). There are birthing centers in almost every bigger city, but they only take on a limited number of mothers, who want to give birth there, so capacities are filling up quickly. There are also midwifes who do attend homebirths. Their capacities are limited as well, which can make it difficult to find somebody who will comfort you during a birth at home. Insurance issues and other factors have made it difficult during the last years for midwives to provide the service of attending a birth outside of the hospital.

To provide women and families with a care that is as continuous as possible, many midwives have chosen to work part time at the hospital and additionally be self-employed. They will attend births at the hospital during their shift and visit families at home or have an own office. Their main work field are pregnancy checkups, breastfeeding, post partum checkups for you and the baby and giving advice on all the questions you might have. Pregnancy check ups are established by maternity guidelines, which have a mandatory character for midwives and OB/Gyns. Post partum check ups can only be done by a midwife.

Many midwives also give birth preparation classes, which are very informative and can be a good way to make new friends. To regain some of your fitness after birth there are also midwife-led “recovery classes”, that you can attend earliest around two month after giving birth. (Check out the Anna Krückmann Haus or Haus der Familie in Münster for birthing/recovery classes)

If you have an European health insurance (almost) everything will be covered. If you are insured otherwise or with a private insurance company, please contact them and ask about your coverage.

Midwives are allowed to provide extra services like acupuncture or baby massage classes, which are not covered by insurances.

Individual birth preparation classes can be done, when prescribed by a doctor because of language barriers or  assigned bed rest – just ask your midwife.


Luise Janning
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

48145 Münster